Internet Marketing and Consulting

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Your Place On The Web

At Teardrop Media we help clients define their place on the web. Whatever the requirement, we work to deliver compelling content through a process of thoughtful web design, creative graphics and client consultation.


Mac & Tablet

Imagine That

Sometimes technology can get in the way of a good idea, especially if you're a small business. It helps to keep things simple and not get bogged down in all the technology and jargon needed to build a website. At Teardrop Media we work hard to understand our clients business objectives and translate these using only those web technologies necessary for the purpose. We do the heavy lifting on the technology side so you don't have to.


Book & Pencil

Accelerated Design Process

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often find it difficult to express their company's vision when creating or specifying their first website. Through an accelerated design process we work with companies to develop a strategy to build, not just a website, but a lasting online presence.